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A self-sustaining approach to evolution.

The Systovation model facilitates organizations to progress along the evolution curve while creating a unique self-sustaining evolution culture.

Systovation Evolution Ecosystem

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Innovate Within!

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Evangers is an integrated approach to activate thinking that transforms the change mindset into an evolution attitude.

By increasing the kinetic energy of ideas, creating white spaces in our day, activating perspective thinking, and shifting our focus from time to energy, we can create energy abundance. By developing an evange mindset, we will not only enhance our potential to do much more in less time while creating new synergies in the team but also create a self-adjusting mechanism that will keep us aligned with the evolution path.

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When we replace our fear with hope, and resistance with resilience, change transforms into evange.

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"Keep innovating. If you don't, someone else will."


Quillustration is a visual representation of insights from the Quantraz series, aimed at evoking thoughts and reflection.

Quillustrations mobile-mockup

Use them on your social media handle, and make a statement, literally!

Quillustration T-Shirt-Mock

Your favorite quote - up your sleeve!

Quillustration sticker

Stick 'em wherever it works!

Quillustration fridge-magnet

Get me one Beeee........rrr

Quillustration coffee-mug

Your cup of tea, or coffee may be!

Quillustration Coffee pack

Mean beans!

Quillustration billboard

Easy and effective marketing for your company.

Quillustration coaster

Coaster roaster!

Quillustration wall-poster

Let the walls say it!

Screenshot 2022-04-27 at 10.22.09 PM.png

Mission Quantraz

Deep inside our hearts, we all know what’s right and what’s wrong; it’s just that our mind gets clogged with our busyness, making it challenging to reflect on our actions and navigate our energies in the right direction.

A few quiet moments can perform the mind-cleansing that we all need today.

Quantraz creates those much-needed silent moments, which get lost in our busyness. During these white space moments, the mind defragments, reclaims our lost energies, and calibrates our thoughts to the north to help us navigate accurately.

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