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Systovation Evolution Ecosystem

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Staying relevant in reference to time and circumstances is as important for humans as it is for technology. Staying relevant means constantly being in a state of change.


Kurt Lewin is widely considered the father of change management. His “change as three steps” approach is regarded as the classic model for managing change since 1947. However, will the CATS approach continue to support us along the steep exponential technological evolution curve that is constantly throwing us challenges in the form of rapid changes with every break of dawn?

The unfreeze–change–refreeze process consumes time and resources, therefore,  creating resistance. However, the firework of evolution has started a chain reaction of change. This superfast pace of evolution will not give us time to unfreeze–change–refreeze. Instead, we need to remain in a fluid state to keep adapting to the pace of technological evolution.


The Systovation model is based on a modified CATS approach that has only one state, which is fluid. Once the organization's culture is unfrozen, it has to remain as slush that allows the organization to quickly adapt to new changes along the technological evolution curve. This not only saves organizational time and resources, but also reduces resistance in comparison to the conventional CATS approach, and builds a competitive edge for the organization to remain relevant in a dynamic world. 


The key driver of the Systovation model is Evange management, an integrated approach to activate thinking that transforms the change mindset into an evolution attitude. The toolkit includes Iknetix, a method to accelerate the kinetic energy of ideas, and White space thinking to enhance productivity. 


Tinergy aims to create an abundance of energy for us to meet our ever-increasing professional expectations. Perspective thinking intends to change the polarity of our energy and expand our mental boundaries. 


Finally, since evolution is a collective compulsion, Symphonetix focuses on increasing the collaborative spirit in the organization, because synchronization is music, the rest is just noise.


To reinforce the evange attitude, Quantraz and Quillustration's approaches to communication play a pivotal role by constantly evoking thoughts, allowing us to frequently reflect on our actions and expand the boundaries of our comfort zones. 


Systovation Evolution Ecosystem facilitates organizations to progress along the evolution curve while creating a unique self-sustaining culture of continuous learning, sharing, and adapting, because evolution is not optional.


Systovation - A self-sustaining approach to evolution.


Innovate within!

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